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Advanced Update Course

Online Advanced Update (19 – 20 November 2024)

Facts & Figures

Participants (max)



2 days



Language of instruction


Registration fee

EUR 1250

Target group

Medical specialists, psychologists, researchers, nurses, lab assistants and technicians

Course programme

You can now follow our TMS Certification Course ONLINE.
Importantly, also our online course is 100% live with interactive lectures and live one-on-one supervised hands-on training. This online course also offers the exact same level of accredited clinical certification as provided by our on-site courses, without the need to travel to one of our course venues. If you are already applying clinical TMS, but it has been a few years since you attended a certification course or received your training, you are curious what new applications, evidence, developments there are and/or you have advanced questions, then the Advanced / Update course might be the one to look out for.
This Advanced TMS Update Course is offered once a year, in prescheduled time-slots posted on our website. This course includes lectures from our experts, with detailed new scientific background, latest information, and updatedparameters and protocols for TMS applications. Moreover, this course includes Q&A sessions with our experts to ensure that you can ask any and all questions you may have. In the rare case that we do not know the answers immediately, we will dive into your field and will come back to you with the answers.
Lectures are offered online instead of a lecture hall, meaning you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. Importantly, all lectures and webinars are 100% live, allowing interactivity and opportunities to address your questions. As an additional service, all lectures will also be provided as recorded movie files, so you can watch them back at any time and at your own pace up to 2 weeks following the TMS Course. This also allows participants in different time zones to follow the program. New personal Q&A sessions with our experts allow you to address any and all questions you might have, pertaining to your own plans or practice.
TMS is one of the most dynamically developing fields in clinical brain research. This course offers an incredible service of providing you with the latest overview of effective TMS protocols and also the most recent cutting edge developments for optimizing clinical efficacy and increasing cost effectiveness.

Collaboration Software

For hosting the online courses, we use the software from Zoom. Instructions how to login to our sessions will be provided after registration.