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Upcoming TMS Certification Courses

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The International Clinical TMS Certification Course is one of the best evaluated and established TMS Courses in the world. Evaluated at an average of 4,8/5 over the past 5 years, it offers a balanced mix of academic lectures and intensive hands-on operator training with each participant being trained on the entirety of TMS application procedures. Training is available on various TMS systems from different manufacturers. 

Academic sessions

This comprehensive TMS training and certification program includes a series of academic sessions covering all aspects and all levels of TMS in psychiatry, neurology , and rehabilitation. All lectures are provided live by clinicians and researchers from the Academy of Brain Stimulation. Academy staff members include world renown experts in the field of brain stimulation who are at the forefront of scientific and clinical innovation in the field of TMS.

Hands-on training

Practical hands-on training will be provided in small groups in order to ensure that each participant acquires the expertise and practical skills to offer TMS.therapy to their patients. These intensive hands-on sessions include direct person to person guidance, supervision and interaction in how to use the TMS equipment in clinical practice. Each participant is trained on the entirety of TMS application procedures. Training is available on various TMS systems from different manufacturers.

Individual feedback

The live and interactive Q&A sessions further allow to connect to both, the Academic and Clinical Experts teaching this course as well as other colleagues from all over the world, offering the possibility of being part of a professional network of TMS practitioners.